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7 Koopalings
1 King of the Koopa

Game Stream: Super Mario Bros. 3

11.11.19, 05:40 AM

I take on a classic platformer in this stream: Super Mario Bros. 3 as it appears in Super Mario All-Stars. I do it all in one sitting, playing through each and every stage along the way, never even thinking about grabbing a warp whistle. I only end up using one P-wing the entire time, too. If you have four or so hours to spare, why not sit back and watch?

Due to the instability of my Internet connection, there are about ten different breaking points in the stream, but rather than post 11 different videos, I’m posting only the first. You can find the rest in order using the related videos that pop up after each video plays through.

Watch live video from kingdarian on Justin.tv

If you have any recommendations on which games I should try next, please leave a comment below.

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