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Game Stream: Super Mario World: Worlds 1-3 + Specials

11.11.09, 07:07 PM

On a whim, I decided to fire up my SNES, unleash a spaghetti network of cables across all of my electronics, and make possible a stream to share with the world! – well, a handful of people at least. Here is a video of what I accomplished tonight. I whizzed through the first world, then took on most of the second before heading to the Special worlds. There, I made use of plenty of Yoshis to get me through to the end. Their sacrifices were noble and their memories will be honored. I wrapped things up in World 2 and then finished by completing World 3, and a little bit of the alternate route to World 4. Plenty for one night.

If you wanna watch, the first few minutes are just the title demo looping while I got everything set up, so you may want to skip ahead a bit to where there action starts around 7 minutes in. I may do more of these, so watch my twitter account for more details.

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